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Stainless Steel Sheet 3161

This type of stainless steel sheet is one of the best in the business of steel items. In most cases this stainless steel sheet 3161 is referred to as marine grade sheet. The reason for this name is because the sheet has a resistance property against corrosion and pitting. This is especially important when undertaking projects that would require you to be in an acid chemicals, salt water or chloride containing media.

This same property is what makes it the right kind of metal sheet to use in the food industry. This may seem like an unlikely scenario as most of the metallic items in the food industry are made from aluminum which is true. The stainless steel sheet 316 is used in cases where the food in question may react with the metal. It is therefore used in the minimization of metal contamination. It is the same for the same can be said for the pharmaceutical companies. This stainless steel will prevent medicines from metal contamination.


This metal sheet as mentioned before has a superior oxidation/corrosion resistance.  The stainless steel sheet can also withstand high saline environments such as those in the ocean or sea. In the same light it is highly effective in chemical environments. Another great property of this metallic sheet is its high strength to weight ratio. There will be superior durability with this type of sheet. It can last you way longer than other types of sheets used for the same purpose. If you ever needed a metal with these properties but could not use it because of its magnetic properties then you are in luck. This stainless steel sheet is non-magnetic.

The metal sheet also has a high resistance to electrical and thermal conductivity. It is easy to fabricate and can be hardened by cold working.

Uses Of The Sheet.

Some of the uses of the stainless steel sheet are in the food and pharmaceutical companies. This is especially true when there is the risk of contaminating production with the metal. Another key area for the use of this metal is in the oil and refinery fields. Its non-corrosive factor plays a major role here. Paper and pulp processing equipment also benefits from this sheet. You may also find it used in photographic equipment and soap making equipment. The textile and architectural industry is another area where you can use this type of metal sheet.

There Are Various Variations Of The Sheet.

You can have different sized sheets with PVC on one side of the sheet. These vary in sizes and then a variant of the same sheets is made by cold working. You will find a     0.018″ stainless 316L sheet and a   0.018″ stainless steel 316L cold roll sheet. The sizes offered may depend on the company but there is little variation.


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