Grade 5 Titanium
January 27, 2018
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Grade 5 Titanium

This titanium is often referred to as the workhorse when we speak on titanium alloys. The reason behind this name is that this is the most commonly used titanium relation to the world consumption you will find that the grade 5 titanium accounts for 50% of the usage. This is a two phase alloy which can be termed as an alpha plus Beta alloy. These are stabilizers used in the manufacture of the alloy. In this case the alpha stabilizer is the Aluminum and the beta stabilizer is Vanadium. This merging is done with the help of the vacuum arc and Plasma arc melting. It can also be done by the use of the electron beam. The refining is done solely via vacuum arc.

The elasticity level on this alloy is 107 GPA. This can be equated to almost half the elasticity of carbon steels. This alloy can come in the form of a tube or a bar. The reason why this alloy is the most used is due to the lightweight. It can be molded into different forms easily and has the added advantage of being resistant to corrosion. The ability of an alloy to be resistant to corrosion is measured by a consistent layer of oxide.

This specific oxide layer is formed when the alloy is exposed to a sudden amount of oxygen. The resistance of the grade 5 titanium against corrosion has made this the favourable option when it comes to the offshore operations for oil and refinery companies. It is also the main element when it comes to subsea operations due to the non-corrosive factor. This is especially useful in the saline environments. The concern of the sea water eating away at equipment can be solved by using this metal.

Though the metal has a strong resistance to corrosion by forming the oxide layer it will also not withstand acidic conditions that could break away the oxide layer. Some examples of the acids that will break away this layer include Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid and Phosphoric acids.

Common uses of the grade 5 titanium.

Most of the major uses of the titanium are in situations where the material needs to undergo extreme forging but is also highly sensitive. This sensitivity is in regard to the weight and strength ratio of the item being forged. You will find it used in cases for rocket engines, rotor hubs used in helicopters, pressure vessels and in the field of aerospace.

The continuous use of grade 5 titanium around heat will cause it to harden over time. The hardening will bring about an increase in strength. Grade 5 titanium can also be used as a fastener.


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